Test Campaign

Will 2

It seems the Von Slythe’s had two ancestors who became vampires: Content Not Found: balthasar-von-slythe_ and _Content Not Found: liannia-von-slythe. These two appear to have been the masterminds behind what happened and are over a 1000 years old! I’m constantly having to revise my view on the family’s history. Unfortunately, they weren’t actually dead.. or at least they hadn’t ceased to be undead… Well, the important part is that they broke out and are now roaming around again, possibly with the priest of Incabulos. It does, however, beg the question of why our predecessors didn’t slay them on sight or how they hid their condition…

Further, we seem to be finally getting a grasp on what the purpose of Everan’s experiment really was. The infused bloodline would give them the ability to join symbiotically with a devil. The stronger the taint became, the more powerful a devil they could combine with. This is as distressing as it is enlightening. I had been wondering why it would take them over 800 years to summon a devil, but there was obviously more going on. I have to assume this was the purpose of the ritual our family explosively disrupted. But who were they trying to summon, to whom would the devil have been bonded, and what is the ultimate purpose of this? Is it simply pure power or something much worse?

The, slightly, more uplifting news is that Balthazar was evidently a great and good hearted leader before his descent into vampirism and infernalism. His wife seems to have been the one to persuade him to that course. It’s good to know that we started following them for a reason other than blind obedience. Our new companion, an elven investigator and wizard from Veluna named Content Not Found: idrys-tavedran, is working on decrypting Balthazar’s journal. I hope we learn more from that. I didn’t think to offer my help in the translation since we were drilled in Old Oeridian, but he seems to be progressing quickly.


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