Test Campaign


Journal Of Marsys Lightouch
3rd day of Needsfest 635 CY

Well, I can say without lying or exaggerating that I have been given a royal welcome for reasons I can not even understand. I suppose I will find out on the 2nd of Fireseek in the new year. Until then I am perfectly happy to roam the market with those who will be, it seems, my new companions.

There is a Frost Barbarian who is nearly two halflings tall. His name is Content Not Found: villius-bluesteel_ and he appears to be very full of life. There is a Mage named Content Not Found: jevan-seafire_ from near the Nyr Dyv and he seems a lucky type, a halfling can tell. A gnome cleric of Garl Glittergold called Content Not Found: tulla-poofenplotz_ who is a hoot and a half and she seems to have fun telling our mage he is a girl. I have never met anyone from the Isle of Pearls before but there is a lady monk named Content Not Found: qui-yue_ who will be with us. I am ever so excited to see if I can follow her home at any point. Even the great Pontus Hardiggin never roamed as far as the Silk Isles. There is a tattoo mage named Content Not Found: loreli-1 who seems reluctant to be here…I will have to make friends with her and show her the fun of adventure. And finally a Content Not Found: wilhelmina-stalwarth…A PALADIN like mom. She follows Heronious so you know she will show us the right thing to do.

Who knows what grand adventures await us. I wonder if the barbarian will mind a riding saddle for his shoulders?


Davidnic Davidnic

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